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Mi Map® Mitten Bling

What is Mi Map® Bling, you ask? It's another way to stylishly personalize your Mi Map® mittens. You can also use the bling to clip the mittens together by their bling loops. I guess you could hang paperclips or gum wrappers from your mittens, but why not adorn yourself with something sparkly?

Look for additions to the Mi Map® Bling collection in the future.

Mi Map® Bling is made by Hilda Seiler of Bead-a-Bing in Troy, MI.

Mi Map® LLC donates 10% of its net income to MI charities that help the homeless and families in need.


Petoskey Stone
w/ silver accents
Petoskey Stone
w/ black accents
Pink Crystal
Smokey Crystal
w/ silver accents
Black w/ gold accents
Silver Heart
w/ red accents
  Mitten Bling

"Shakin' Mi Hand" is original music composed for Mi Map LLC. It's written and performed by Doug Sharrott, a metro-Detroit artist. Your purchase supports local talent AND gives back to the Salvation Army.

This may be the most action-packed 99¢ you'll ever spend!
      - Great tune!
      - Support local artists!
      - Give to a great cause!

Disco Ball Crystal
Doug Sharrott - Shakin' Mi Hand - Single

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